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Innovative eco-homes from the Kutnohorské zahrady project go on sale

MARLO's next completed project in Central Bohemia is, like all the previous ones, characterised by its modern design, pleasant location and maximum emphasis on the quality of the materials used. Despite the high bar set earlier in the field of innovative solutions, we have once again managed to move forward towards a more sustainable future. We are talking about the ecological elements that are sensitively implemented in the eco-domes from the Kutnohorské zahrady project. Almost full energy self-sufficiency will be ensured for the new owners by a heat pump, photovoltaic panels on the roof, heat recovery technology from grey waste water or, for example, a charging station for electric vehicles. Thanks to these green innovations, energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved. Add to this other advantages such as excellent train connections to Prague or the environment of a city with more than a rich history and the result is definitely worth it.

Visit the website and choose the future housing option that will become your home. And remember, he who resides well, lives well!