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In 2018, we decided to invest in the reconstruction and revitalization of the former Trade Union House, currently the RADOST House. The goal was to convert (the presently non-functional) functionalist icon into a multifunctional building with an emphasis on preserving historically valuable elements and the place’s „genius loci“. Thanks to our vision and project management, the historically first community skyscraper in the Czech Republic will be created in Žižkov. Thousands of hours of expert work across different fields stand behind the current state of the Radost House. Thanks to the unique concept from our workshop, not only Praguers can now come visit and have fun in the heart of lower Žižkov again. They will find cultural activities in the form of events on the rooftop, film screenings and social events in the Přítomnost cinema, or exhibitions in the building’s open spaces. Inside, various artists and creatives use the newly-renovated studios. The entrance parterre is an experience on its own, offering a pleasant atmosphere to the visitors. Since its opening, the Radost House has become an integral part of the Open House Festival, Architecture Day, the multi-genre Zažít mesto jinak (Experience the City Differently) festival, and various events and lectures are held here every week. Thanks to our effort, the Radost House lives again!

Investments: 2.5b CZK • Estimated number of flats: 600 • Upcoming commercial premises: 16.500 m²

MARLO development investice